Therese May Art Quilts - Home







on 8.5x11"







Claria Ink, marker pens, acrylic paint, Strathmore paper

If one were to make a complete mental picture of himself as he would like to be, filling in all the details of his desires and trying to accept the whole thing as a present reality he would soon demonstrate that the control of affairs is from within out and not from without; the cause being that whatever exists as a mental picture in Mind must tend to and finally does take form if the Picture is really believed in and embodied.

At this moment, I accept myself just the way I am.  I love and accept myself even if I am afraid at times.  I accept all of the abundance and vitality that is mine today.  I am affluent in Life.  I am full of intelligence, wisdom and Love.  I have all the money I need.  I am surrounded by loving people because I attract the love that I am.  I accept my big, beautiful Life as is.