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Answer is Within







Affirmation Quilt



If I really listen, I know what to do next. The world is so full of wonderful things; I’m always tempted to go after more, bigger, better.  Do I have enough? Do I do enough? Am I enough? When I look outside myself, the answer will be no. If I look within myself, the answer is yes.  I’ll know how to respond to others with love and support and to also appreciate my own talent and my own value. I always know what to do next because everything is in perfect order and I can see perfectly what needs to be done by me. I know my own perfect work in its own perfect time and in its own perfect place. I have my own little eco system. This particular quilt has a little painted panel in the center with a small friendly squiggly animal which represents the still small voice inside.

Each quilt in the “Abundance Quilt” series is 12”x12” and is an expression of the abundance that we all share. Each one has a phrase that can be used as a tool or a reminder to become more aware of something to be thankful for and to appreciate about our lives. All of the artworks are machine quilted and embellished with buttons, beads and paint to celebrate the joy and richness that we will find within ourselves if we can only look for it. These quilts are sure to enhance the walls of your home or office and make a difference in how you feel.