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Affirmation Quilt



Getting into the creative mode puts me into the present moment. It takes my mind away from problems or worries and gets me thinking constructively about what could be, about solutions. Looking at art on a wall or in a park has a way of changing my point of view and lifting my Spirit! The little painted panel in the center of this quilt has a small snake in it, which represents healing in much the same way as the symbol for medicine with the intertwined snakes does. Also, in dream symbols, a snake represents personal power and can mean an opening in awareness.

Each quilt in the “Abundance Quilt” series is 12”x12” and is an expression of the abundance that we all share. Each one has a phrase that can be used as a tool or a reminder to become more aware of something to be thankful for and to appreciate about our lives. All of the artworks are machine quilted and embellished with buttons, beads and paint to celebrate the joy and richness that we will find within ourselves if we can only look for it. These quilts are sure to enhance the walls of your home or office and make a difference in how you feel.