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Claria Ink, marker pens, Strathmore paper


The Law through which man operates is Infinite, but man appears to be finite; that is, he has not yet evolved to a complete understanding of himself.  He is unfolding from a Limitless Potential but can bring into his experience only that which he can conceive.  There is no limit to the Law, but there appears to be a limit to man’s understanding of It.  As his understanding unfolds, his possibilities of attainment will increase.—Ernest Holmes

I always feel so great when I finish a project or a new quilt.  I have attained completion and I have succeeded in an area of my life.  I long to attain completion in all areas of my work, in my art, my relationships, my beautiful home and garden; the world is vast and seemingly incomplete.  There is always more to do and say.  So I go within my heart to feel the Love of spirit, in my mind, I consciously visualize the perfection of all that is.