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Personal Pictorial Quilt 4 Day workshop



We'll be expanding our creative awareness by journaling, drawing, painting on fabric, talking about printing your own designs at spoonflower, doing machine applique and coming up with a Personal Pictorial Quilt.

We will be doing Intuitive drawing, Mostly Machine appliqué with painting and embellishing.

I will provide the painting supplies, plus Stitch N Tear and 18”x24” large drawing paper for a $30 fee.

Supply List

8”x10” journal and pens for writing and sketching

Color marker pens; bring what you have or buy Tombow ones, which are my favorites:

If, before this class, you would like to transform photos of your own existing drawings, quilts or photography images into fabric that will add integrity, interest and harmony to your class creation, here are some resources that will help get you started. Part of this workshop will be a discussion about Spoonflower fabric and I’ll answer any of your questions the best I can. But it is not a computer class! :-))

The Spoonflower Handbook


Jane Dunnewold’s DVD “Design and Print your own Fabric”

Sewing machine with satin stitch in good working order.

Extension cord and power strip

Fabric--solids, prints, black, white, grey—this is your palette of color.  Bring lots of variety and different shades of color. Also, take a look at clothes you no longer wear that are meaningful to you. Or any cloth that can be recycled and given new meaning.

Bring Six 10” squares of various colors of cotton fabric for our painting and homemade rubber stamping.  All of our painting will happen on the first day, so that it will be dry and usable for the rest of the workshop.

Two large plastic garbage bags

18”x24” drawing paper for drawing your pattern (provided)

Pencils and eraser

Scissors for cloth  

Scissors for paper


Regular sewing supplies for whatever needs come up.

Thread—this is another palette of color, so bring a full spectrum for machine  embellishment as well as our appliqué. Variegated thread is really fun to play with!

Rotary cutter, medium size for cutting large pieces of fabric and very small for cutting small shapes of fabric.

Cutting matt

6”x24” Grid Ruler

Buttons and beads or old jewelry to create more meaning in your piece

Small iron and ironing surface if you want, but irons are provided

Masking tape

Transparent tape

Two yards of white Flannel

If you would like to bring a quilt you are working on and want to explore a new direction using some of my techniques, feel free to do that! Sometimes a quilt top that I feel stuck on can get exciting when I cut it up and repurpose it!  

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