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Birthday Quilt Goddess







Birthday Goddess Quilt





“It’s My Birthday!”  Transformation is happening all of the time, so we are continually having one birthday after another.  Each one of us is going through life cycle after life cycle, growing, evolving and unfolding.  I can see myself as a small part of a wonderful big transformation for healing that is taking place on this earth and that “The Quilt Goddess” is powerfully causing much of it to happen through the quilt artists of the world!

My “Birthday Quilt Goddess” is wearing a big birthday cake with candles on her head, like a crown.  She has a serene smile on her face, because she is at peace and she knows peace for each and every one of us on this planet.  She has “Nine Patch Pockets” on her bodice, which symbolizes the many quilts that are being made for giving to, comforting, and nurturing children who might not otherwise know love. The pockets are for containing prayers for world peace, written on slips of paper.  Machine appliqué fabric, thread, buttons, polymer clay, acrylic paint, hand-made rubber stamped.