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ChildNumber 6 Sandy




ChildNumber 6 Sandy





This piece was part of a series of 6 inner child quilts that I made in 1993.  I have always strongly believed in the healing of the inner child, and I have done a lot of work in that area.  Each of the six quilts has a different child character with it’s own distinct personality.  Each one has the “flying saucers” across the top, made up of small painted panels and embellished with beads, buttons and embroidery.  The quilts are covered with polymer clay buttons, acrylic paint, and fabric paint.  This quilt’s character, “Sandy” is balancing a cup on her head, and a little dog on her nose.  The hands above her affirm her creativity.  Machine Appliqué, fabric, thread, beads, buttons, painted panels, polymer clay, acrylic paint, fabric paint.