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Inspirational Quilt - Abundance

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I am sitting in my studio with most of the curtains closed to keep the sun from shining in and making it too hot in here in the afternoon.  I love the window coverings that I made by combining various power patches with odds and ends of fabric squares.  They abound with rich bright colors, and at night, when I am outside and the lights are on inside, the windows look like stained glass.
Today I have a little opening where I can see out to my beautiful back yard with a myriad of friut trees and all sorts of geraniums.

As I sit here, I am noticing all of my projects in progress and the scraps on the floor.  My office in the next room is scattered with papers yet to be filed.  I am, indeed, not finished with a zillion things!  I often ponder umpteen million ideas in my head-- fun ideas that will make my life rich, wealthy and affluent.

My cat, Mr. Button, loves his food and every morning he wakes me up and demands to be fed.  His bowl is in the bathroom, so I get out of bed and walk toward the bathroom door.  Mr. Button wants to make sure I put the food in his bowl, so he stays right in front of me as I walk, meowing every step of the way.  Then, when I take a scoop of kibble from the container, he blocks my way, so I have a time of it getting the scoop of food into his bowl. Mr. Button already has an abundance of food and he asks for it when he is hungry. I am perfectly willing to give it to him, and he gets in the the way, rather than just patiently receiving it.  I guess he doesn't trust that he will be provided for.

Creativity is my abundance.  My health is my abundance.  Everything I already have is my abundance.  If I think about what really matters to me,  I already have it.

It is impossible to not have abundance if you are alive.  The trick is to not judge by appearances and to learn to create from the inside out.  To live from the heart while making conscious choices is to create the life that works best for you, not the life that someone else wants for you.

When my abundance is from my heart, then I don't have to wish for so many things, and I can be at peace with myself.  When I am at peace with myself, I can appreciate the inexhaustible supply that life is.  Whatever I do is sufficient and OK.  I look at my accomplishments, not by comparing with other people's, but by remembering where I came from and how far I have come on my path and giving myself credit for not having given up.

My abundance is in my enoughness, my adaquacy.  My abundance is in my mind and my creativity.  When Victor Frankle, the eminent psychiatrist,
was in a Nazi concentration camp, he survived by thinking about when he would be with his wife again.  He most surely would have died without his affluent thinking.

My partner. Larry just came into my studio and opened more of my curtains because it really has cooled off now that September is here and Fall has begun.  Now  more of my luxurious back yard is visible.  Some of the leaves are beginning to turn from green to yellow.  Mr. Button is laying on the table looking out at the birds.