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Inspirational Quilt - Abundance

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Do you ever feel like somehow something is missing from your life and that you are looking for that certain something or someone?  Perhaps you feel that things
are in the way of having what you want.  I guess for me, I would always wish for more or bigger or better things.
That is, up until now.  Now, I am seeing the value in the way my life is at this moment in time and learning to enjoy it all no matter what the appearances seem to be.

I'd like to share a little affirmation with you:

Today, I accept myself as I am; I accept the present moment as if I chose it. I receive it gladly.  I accept and I believe in my inner artist, my inner teacher and my inner healer. I know that the more conscious I become, the more choices I have.  I accept that my life is a journey of healing; that creativity is a joyous  vehicle of expression for myself.  I approve of myself and I give myself permission to go ahead and be creageous!  I consent to giving myself a voice and a vote. I am satisfied in contentment and fulfillment.  I am at peace with complete acceptance; I vote YES for Life!