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Recognizing the potential and quality in what I see is always the beginning of a creative act for me.  As I think about the richness in something, my imagination comes alive and I get ideas.

As I consider the aspects of my life that I appreciate, I give them value.  Nothing really has much significance in and of itself, but as I give my appreciation, I create value and meaning.  Whatever I focus on, I get more of, so, if I practice appreciation in all areas of my life, then it can only get better.  My artwork has appreciated in value over the years because of people being attracted to it, liking it and purchasing it. 

Over the years, I have done a lot of drawings on paper and in sketchbooks.  Awhile back, I was looking through my work and I noticed that I still felt connected to much of what I had done in the 90's.  I got out my felt tip pens and began coloring the line drawings I had.  I got in touch with how much I enjoyed the process of choosing colors and filling in the spaces with hues and shades.  I started to create new images--designs for quilts or ideas for carpets.  Now I have hundreds of these colorful images and I am using them on the website,, where you can purchase them as magnets.  And it all began with appreciation. 

When I was in college at the University of Wisconsin, sculpture professor, Leo Steppat, liked my work and asked to see my drawings.  I found the wrinkled papers at the bottom of my locker,  stained with the color of the clay we worked with.  Mr. Steppat really did respect my work, but was not too impressed with the way I treated my drawings.  He called me a "little pig!" But I learned.

Now I love my drawings; I appreciate them and I treat them well.  I recognize their value, meaning, significance and beauty.  Appreciating them, I am mindful and aware that I create something precious and meaningful by my conscious thought.