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There are so many things in life that I think would be fun to have or do.  When I am imagining all of those fun things, I need to ask myself, "Why do I want that?"  The answer is usually that it would make me feel important or that I was more successful in the eyes of others.  Maybe I want to be a super-famous artist and make millions of dollars--then I would be happy.  Or maybe I want to be chosen as the best artist by some authority or art group--then I would feel loved.

After I ask myself why I want what I want, then I ask myself, "What do I need?"  The answers do come to me and, at times I am surprised at what I find out.  It seems that sometimes losing, failing or not getting what I think I want is such a relief.  I can let go of the fear of loss and enjoy a balanced life; no more extremes in either direction, but a way of life that includes everything.  No good, bad, right, wrong, winning or losing, just a happy medium.  I believe it is possible for an artist to lead a normal, balanced, poised, healthy and beautiful life.  Balance comes from learning to love yourself and knowing that you are equal to anything and anyone in your own unique way.