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To breathe is to be alive; the more I breathe, the more I am living in the present moment and having fewer and fewer negative thoughts.  If I'm focusing on my breathing, I can't worry about anything!  Breathing instantly clears my mind.  Being alive with breath brings enthusiasm and freedom to move and have fun.   Creativity naturally arises when the breath is calm, and regular.  Expressing myself openly and honestly;  allows me to reveal my true self, and my breathing flows.  When I am upset, my breathing is more like huffing and puffing, and my mind is in charge rather than my heart.

Today, I worked a little bit on decorating my new house; (Larry and have lived here for about two years) and I noticed how taking a break from work and doing something fun, like hanging a beautiful artwork on the wall gave me a feeling of freedom, joy and deepened
my breath.

  A yoga teacher once said, "The breath moves the body."  You are animated and you express with breathing.  You speak by breathing; You create by breathing; your breath is your voice.