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Getting distracted at times,  I am convinced that whatever is beckoning to me is just the thing to do or to acquire.  For instance, I have been spending about the past  year clearing my home and studio of things  no longer needed, becoming very organized and able to set priorities.  The thing is--I  feel really great and then I am tempted to do something impulsive--like spend a large amount of money on something that looks like a lot of fun; perhaps something I want but not the thing I truly need.

What does this have to do with compassion?  If I am really kind to myself, then I'll take care of my needs. When I care about myself,  I may graciously bow out of an opportunity that a part of me wants, but my higher self can let it pass by, because at the center of my heart I accept peace of mind, knowing I'm ok the way I am, without any extra work added on.  If I have compassion and easygoingness for myself, I am much more likely to be gentle with others.  Following the path that was meant for me, I am fulfilling my life's purpose and helping to heal the planet.