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I have thought of myself as an artist since I was five years old, so it is a big part of my identity and self image.  Growing up, I used drawing and painting as a tool of survival in a chaotic home environment.  I was pretty good at color and making pictures; this gave me a sense of purpose and connection with people. As a young mother, I began making quilts for utilitarian reasons which, in time, became art quilts. 

Connecting is a joining together into one.  Quilts are like that in that they are a combination of all sorts of fabric parts, often very different from one another, and yet, they converge into a beautiful unifying integrating continuum of relatedness, that being the quilt itself.  Often, fabrics are the designs and artwork of many different artists and sometimes discarded clothing gives the quilt added meaning. There is a great kinship of connection, a sisterhood and brotherhood inherent in the quilt medium. The universal meaning of fabric in our everyday lives attracts me to the use of cloth in my art.  I really like the sense of individuality I get with making images with pen, pencil, paint and brushes and I love how connected I become to others because of quilt making.