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What is enthusiasm? I think of it as an attitude of excitement about life itself and a feeling of liveliness, zest, passion and exuberance.  Its when you are intensely interested in any subject like art or quilts and you just have to look at them, make them, buy them or study them because you love them immensely.  If you are an artist you might love making the art so much that you devote your entire life to it and nothing can stop you from expressing your creativity, whether it be as the creator or if you practice the art of collecting. The word "Enthusiasm" describes who you are and what you love and enjoy

The quilt, "Enthusiasm" is in the collection of Nancy Bavor who is studying with enthusiasm quilt history at the University of Nebraska, International Quilt Study Center, Lincoln Nebraska.  She interviewed me a few months ago as part a research project she is doing on the history of the art quilt in California.