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Sometimes I feel scattered and I think I am getting too many ideas. But, really, I have gotten very very good at avoiding what is in my heart. So, I calm myself down by putting things away, cleaning up my space, taking a walk, breathing and saying thank you for my very good life exactly the way it is. I begin to see that I have been looking at life as being a half empty cup--that is when I am craving for something outside of myself to fill me up. When I shift my focus to a cup half full I realize how lucky I am and I notice my wonderful life the way it is.

When I was a little girl, I learned to be extremely creative as a way of surviving. This served me well, because as an artist I have produced a hugely large body of work. On the other hand, now I can see that I don't always need so many ideas; a few are ok and are plenty, thank you! I would much rather live in the present moment, right here and right NOW; it feels much better! I am learning to take that fifteen inch journey from my head to my heart and I surprise myself at how simple, peaceful and much more satisfying life is from thiis point of view.

According to the Law of Attraction you get whatever it is that you think about, so I choose to focus on and be grateful for all of the wonderful abundance and friends I already have, and thereby attracting more!

The more you focus, know what you want and get closer to your true purpose,  the more healthy and happy you become.  Focusing is like relaxing; everything seems to make better sense--you are sure and clear about what works