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As long as I'm here on earth, I'm always a work in progress. Whatever I do I'm beginning again right now in this moment, taking that next step, and then the next.  Having lots of ideas for art, I draw them or write them down and plan them, but I'm still just taking my next step.  Many times, what I am doing or how I am feeling appears to be less than perfect.  Usually this just means that I'm afraid of what people might think--they may think poorly of me or they might not appreciate my artwork.  Or maybe I don't sew in a straight line or the paint on my quilts might seem crude to some people.  When I'm teaching a class and a student is worried about making mistakes, I tell them that it's an opportunity for making a new discovery in creativity or a chance to take a different direction and it's ok.  No matter who we are or what we are doing, whether we're following conventional rules, or coloring outside the lines, it's all perfection.  Each one of us is still in progress and beginning again right now in this moment.

Why is it so hard to see our perfection?  Everyone is so different from everyone else.  For some reason we're taught that we need to conform and be like other people.  I remember when I was in grade school in Wisconsin in the winter and "all" the girls wore little knit hats with fur around the edge; those hats were very cute and I was one of the last to get  one.  I felt pretty deprived until I had mine too!  But that was an example of my thinking that I needed to have certain things so I could fit in with the other kids. 

What I didn't know then that I do know now, is that my self worth has nothing to do with having a cute little hat or not or whether my art is the most popular.  My self worth is inside of me, and whatever I am doing or thinking reflects the perfection of my soul, but not necessarily in the conventional ways that might be expected.

Having to be perfect can cause some problems and unhappiness; but recognizing the perfection of all things just the way they are can bring great satisfaction.  This would also include recognizing the perfection of everything the way it’s not!  So if I am worried because of something I don’t have—that’s perfect.  If I can accept this and remember it, I can feel good all the time.