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All of my life I have been a very prolific artist.  I have made many complex quilts.  I have always strived to do better and more.  I have wanted to do new work rather than stay the same.   In the past, I have wanted to prove something  and then after accomplishing some great things,  still not feeling fulfilled, I would long for something more and better. 

There are habits that work and those that do not work.  The idea of needing something new does not necessarily work, but learning the habit of appreciating what you already have and moving forward from where you are is a pretty good routine to develop.  Getting back to basics and living in the present moment is a simple idea.  Life is simple when you get centered, find out what you really want, what your life's purpose is, untangling threads of confusion, uncluttering your mind and your situation and streamlining your work; this is simplicity.  You can pare it down and let go of what no longer serves you. For instance, sometimes I think I need to do extra work because it would be more acceptable or I think of all the fun projects I could do for whatever reason--to please people or so I could be one of the "popular kids." But, then again, to simplify, I love and appreciate everything that has gone before because that is how I got to this wonderful point in time and starting right here and now moving one step at a time just doing whatever is next.

Simplicity helps keep me focused.  If I really pare things down, I can be much more efficient and effective. What is the most important thing in my life?  That is the question.  What is the core of my practice and what is a distraction and what do I need as opposed to what do I want?  How do I feel and what do I need?  When I can answer these questions; I will have simplicity.