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“Ned” is an imaginary character made up for the sake of doing a “Quilted Portrait” to show my “puzzle interchange” quilt recipe. I started making quilted portraits many years ago with one of my first attempts at making art quilts.  One of the results was the “Therese Quilt” which, in 1999, was chosen as one of the “100 Best American Quilts of the 20th Century”.  A friend then suggested that I design an updated version of the quilted portrait.  Then when I was invited to demonstrate the technique on the TV show, “Simply Quilts” with Alex Anderson, I was inspired to begin making a whole series of quilted portraits based on this technique.  The simplified shapes used in the faces are perfect to show others how to use the technique. The “Ned” part of the quilt consists of four squares with four faces with polymer clay buttons, beads and white buttons for embellishment.  The beautiful purple border is a computer print of my braided rug appliqué and the computerized machine quilting design echoes the braided rug pattern.  This art quilt is light-hearted and fun.

The materials are cotton fabric, cotton batting, thread, paint, buttons, beads, polymer clay and printer ink.

The techniques are puzzle interchange machine appliqué, embellishment with buttons, beads, polymer clay, acrylic paint, machine quilting, computer printing.

I designed the quilting by making a drawing of my braided rug pattern.  I gave the drawing to Carlos Ramirez who programmed it into his computer. He then machine quilted “Ned” with his long arm machine using “Therese May’s Braided Rug Quilting Pattern”.