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Yes Dress


Yes Dress

43 x 56


$10,000 SOLD






With “experimenting Yes Dress”, I am saying “yes” to life, to a new art, and “yes” and to “Give and Take”, i.e., belonging to a group of artists busily influencing each other to lift the art quilt to a new level of sophistication.

In collaborating with other artists, I am opening to new partnerships in creativity by using the work of a teacher of mine, polymer clay artist, Susan Terry.  I also made use of the expertise of Jenny Michael, who machine quilted the piece.   I felt challenged by Arturo Sandoval’s lecture in 2004 in Colorado to extend my creativity to participate on a deeper level by more with shaped artworks.  I love to Improvise and allow my art to grow and evolve and to cross new boundaries.  “Yes Dress” grew into the shape it is by this type of improvising.  I admire the folk art of Rev. Howard Finster, who painted messages on the surfaces of his canvases.  I dare myself to paint words on the surface of my quilt.